Interesting facts about website

Interesting facts about website

Web design is a huge industry in the present days. Trillions of active users and steadily growing number of new websites launched online have made a profession of web designer highly demanded. In this article I am going to tell you some interesting facts about this artsy field of work.


  •  Web design is more than just design. Search engine optimization is a key component. A webmaster should be well knowledgeable with skills in web development languages as well as SEO principles. Other requisites of an effective web design that should be mentioned are browser compatibility, CSS markup, social media compatibility and standards-compliance.
  •  Design should be extendable for the future needs. The design of a website totally depends on its future goals. As an example, at some stage you may want to add some additional plugins or widgets to your website. Thus, it should be flexible for all sorts of changes. Creation of a website is not that simple process. It involves a number of considerations.
  • Visitors need to see lively graphics. As it’s been shown in practice, people pay a lot of attention to all the details in a web page.  Nice lively images would be able to speak for themselves. What if you need to convey a certain emotion? It’s not that easy to put it in words. This is where a nice photography could be an ideal solution.
  • An efficient web site represents that kind of information that a visitor is searching for. All flashy animations and ads can take off people’s focus from the main message, thus it’s vital to know where to stop and think of the quality. Besides, too many flash apps can cause a rapid increase in the bounce rate.
  • The load time limit should not exceed 4 seconds. Any website that takes too long to load can lose its potential customers. Abundance of websites spoils people. If the site takes longer than 4-5 seconds to load in, a customer can quickly switch to another relevant website. Learn the ways how to improve your website performance.

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